De dans zelf is eenvoudig en hij heeft de kracht om diepe heling teweeg te brengen.

Gabrielle Roth

5Rhythms® in Belgium

Welcome to the site for Belgian vzw 5Ritmes®(vzw - non profit organisation). This is a shared site involving all of the Belgian 5Rhythms® teachers. As well as a calendar of workshops and classes with recognised 5Rhythms® teachers, there is also information on each teacher plus a link to his or her respective website.


The calendar is in an easy-to-use format for looking for a 5Rhythms® class in your area. You can filter by place, name of teacher, date and type of dance session. In this way, you can quickly and precisely find the session of your choice and there will be no need to miss any events through not knowing about them.

Under the heading of 5Rhythms® you will find a description of this movement practice. However, no amount of words can tell you what a dance session will be like Ė it is best for you to experience it, to try it for yourself

In the section on GabriŽlle Roth, there is more information on the founder of the 5Rhythms®. Also, on this page you will find links to short films of Gabrielle dancing and talking about the 5Rhythms®