To find your dance, is to find yourself.
The more your dance unfolds itself, you discover new and unknown aspects of yourself.

Gabrielle Roth

Why Dance the 5Rhythms® ?

The 5R practice is a chance for you to explore yourself and discover your own movement, finding fresh new ways of moving at different levels, creatively, emotionally, instinctively and intuitively.

You dance in a very physical way with your limitations and gradually become freer to make more conscious choices through gently increasing trust and surrender to the deeper wisdom of your body.

This is a very personal and potentially very rewarding journey for each individual.

Each person gets different things from it and we begin to honour and celebrate our own and otherís differences (and also similarities).

Over time we are often able to be more open and accepting of ourselves and each other, whilst being more honest, not putting on a false front, able to express more of our vulnerabilities and fieryness, our softness and our forcefulness.