"When you have fallen in love with the Rhythms
When you crave the ecstatic space
between art and healing
When you yourself are becoming a teaching
And teaching has become a calling
I invite you to join me"

Gabriëlle Roth

Teacher Training

If you are in love with the dance and the wish to become a teacher comes up, then your preparation for the training starts. It is good to let Jonathan and his staff know about your wish to train. At your own pace and within your possibilities you should attend 5Rhythms® workshops and classes and get a lot of dance experience and make sure that you fully complete the prerequisites. This time of preparation is an important phase, the actual formal teacher training is the last step.

If you have showed an interest in the teacher training, Jonathan and his staff (often in consultation with your local teachers) take time to determine whether to accept you on the training.

Acceptance on the teacher training is not automatic if you have fulfilled these concrete prerequisites. It is also about who you are, your motivation, your way of being in the world, your dedication to the practice, how you deal with obstacles or blocks in your practice, your expectations.

For more information about the training of Jonathan and his staff, click here.